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Darryl Steele's

Ready for Jamm'in

Hi everyone, my name is Darryl Steele, when I was 17, I watched a video of Prince playing "sign of the times" and "play in the sunshine" at the MTV awards. WOW, that blew my mind, I also had a copy of "purple rain live" a video of him and the revolution playing, I think back in 1985, being aired live on television, around the world at the time.

I used to go down the beach after watching and listening to that guitar solo at the end of the concert and play some awesome air guitar. Fortunately, the beach was usually deserted when I was ripping out those solos.

From those days I diligently practiced guitar, learnt how to play the keyboard, sat for my grade 5 theory exam and started writing my own lyrics and music while soaking up every Prince TAPE, CD, VIDEO I could find.

After Jamming with friends in the caravan park where I was living for about two years, I branched out into joining/starting a band after answering an ad in the local paper.

Things started with playing cover songs and slowly introducing original music. I think by then I had two or three of my own songs, which we were now playing in our list of songs, which was very exciting.

As the years passed by, we continued to write more songs, and eventually the cover songs that we were playing, weren't as interesting as writing and putting together an original song, eventually, the focus was more on writing originals, which I loved.

I taught myself, by this time to work out drum patterns using a drum machine, a [Boss Dr. Rhythm 550], what an awesome investment that was. I also bought a secondhand keyboard and a four track-recorder, from our singer [Eric Trowse].

With the help of our Bass player, [L.A. Action. Leigh Atkinson], who played bass on some of my early recordings. He also helped me with most of the recording sessions.

I was now doing more recordings at home.

I continued to push myself hard with my writing of lyrics and music. I then reached a point where the digital age had arrived "for me that is". I was a bit slow catching on, to using computers for my recordings, but eventually, I got there, thanks to my older brother Stuart, who let me uses his PC.

That opened the door's a bit more as it did for everyone with whatever they were into.

I was now doing all my recordings on my own, and teaching myself to mix down the multi-track recordings, not fantastic or anything, but just to get the ideas down. That was always the point of everything, or maybe it was really because I have a bad memory and would forget most things I would come up with. Anyway, it is something I highly recommend you do.

Next thing to come was the music video clip. I had to have ago at that. I bought myself a "wait for it" a $6 mini digital video camera from a garage sale, which allowed me to shoot video for a whole 11 seconds. That video is on You Tube under the song title of "stokey-stokey". Which I part wrote the lyrics with [Eric Trowse] and redid the music for the multi-track version.

In 2012 I got into Photo shopping a few picture designs of my music instruments for something different, you can see them on my designs page of this website. In 2013, I had ago at some comic strip drawing, which is hilarious considering I couldn't even draw a stick man, but they came out OK


I sell all those design now through my cafe-press site, which you can find here in my designs page.

One thing I'm excited about for the future is a superhero story I drafted. I'm looking forward to finding the time one day, so I can focus on bringing him and his story to life one day.

I love the artistic and creative mind.