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Darryl Steele's

Ready for Jamm'in


An insight into


Have you ever been driving along the road & a passenger in the car will say something in general, & from hearing that one line, it starts to resonate with you. It may be a conversation you have had previously with your passenger about a subject matter you have both been involved in. For some strange reason though,this one line is said & delivered slightly differently than other conversations you have had about your topic of conversation & you generate a double meaning from it.

It may sound more poetic or cryptic,or just simply rolls off the tongue fluently.

But what ever it is that made that one line stand out from other lines of conversation you have had, you may have found yourself a song title or the opening line of a verse or it maybe the hook for a great chorus.

On the flip side is the organized style of writing your song. You may of invited some mates to come around on a Sunday afternoon for a jam session & decide to write a classic piece of music. Everybody is keen & the idea's start to flow in a collaboration of musical styles that eventually finds a middle ground that everyone feels apart of & happy about with there input.

What happens though if you don't hear that magical one line in the car driving to the beach or when your mates come around & everything sound's like it's going through a grinder.

Writers block, is what most people call it. For me, I like to look at it as if it's "just the way things are sometimes."E.g. Not every great sports person will perform at there peak on game day. Some will be more consistant than others to excel at there best. But a persons best, might be in the local competition, where he perform's at his peak more often than not, compared to a highly paid professional who may only give stellar performances a handful of times a year, usually when it counts [grand final day]. question is "what one are you?" a consistant performer that can produce the goods on just about any given day, or the one that can hit the big home run at the most vital time. of time game.

Both of those types of people are equally vital to there individual teams. It's all about learning who you are and how you operate and function, so you can reach your fullest potential.

How does this all relate to songwriting and how to get started on writing a song. Well, I think if you can go back to your schooling days, What were you like at learning? Were you a quick learner averge or slow, or better still were you an A+ student, C or an E type student. Usually the slower the learner the lower the mark's. Because there is a certain amount that a teacher has to teach in a year. If your not keeping up with the pace of the teaching, then a lack of interest starts to creep in and take over the student. This is a broad opinion going on my own form of education and experiences.

One thing I now believe is if I had the time to learn at a certain pace and not what the standard form of learning was when I was at school, then I too could of been an A + student if I cared enough about it that is. But as a slow learner, the interest waines and you can miss out on learning and doing things that tou may realise you like.

I truly don't beleave that any of us are B or C or even E students. I beleave we're all A + students, but it is all up to each individual to find those learning and expressing patterns that lurk deep in our sub concious and bring them to the surface where we can start to function at our peak perfrmances.

SO. Back to songwriting. are you a person who can write a lot quickly or a little bit, quickly, or maybe write a lot, slowly, or again you can write, a little amount slowly.

What ever catorgary you fit into, then that is how you do it, and there's nothing wrong with that. The secret is knowing how you learn [input information] and how you release it, or communicate it. That being writing something down or verbally communicating.

Writers block to me is your mind telling you, that you are trying to delever information in a way that the brain cannot process what it is you want it to say.

That sounds a bit complex I know, but the simple version of that is you could be a slow learner, that requires releasing a little bit of information, at a time, especially in written format. That might be just a few words to start with, and that is perfectly ok. The secret, which isn't a secret and never has been, is to make a start and go from there and keep remembering who you are and how you reach those peak performances.

Remember a whole lot of something beats a whole lot of nothing, so make that start.

My quote for the day is "Every skyscaper starts of with one block.".

Keep coming to this link though as iI will be posting video examples of how I write a song from scatch all the way through to a full demo song ready for a studio recording with all instruments, lyrics and vocals. It is going to be a fun ride

So with that, go back to " by pressing the link below and get started on writing your own classic song. Good luck and good writing.